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Local Farm Spotlight: Honeysuckle Sweet Farm

Honeysuckle Sweet Farm is a one-acre bio-intensive urban farm located just a few short miles from Harvest and the Virginia Beach Oceanfront. The Farm specializes in producing high quality, organically grown vegetables and fresh-cut flowers utilizing sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Located in the first Virginia Beach neighborhood to be recognized on the National Register of Historic places, the farm is owned and operated by Virginia Beach native and Veteran, Stephen Pokorski. While the farm is a relatively new entity, established in 2018, the land has been providing fresh flowers and produce for family and neighbors for 3 generations. The farm's philosophy is simple: "Your farmer should be your friend". Modern agricultural production has caused us to lose the connection with our food supply and control over what we eat, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Get to know the farmer growing your food, see the produce in the ground, learn and understand how the food you eat is grown. Ask questions. The source of your produce and the location it is grown, and all the moving pieces and parts of agricultural production should not be a mystery. And now it doesn’t have to be.

Our bio-intensive system focuses on the long-term health and fertility of the soil; building and

maintaining a complex soil system that supports high yields in a small area without the need for synthetic fertilizers or harmful pesticides. Focusing on a healthy complex living soil system ensures the produce is not only better tasting but has more nutritional value and longer shelf life. Our location allows us to provide the freshest, highest quality and longest lasting produce direct to customers in Virginia Beach.

Stop by Harvest today to try one of our menu items that include fresh produce from Honeysuckle Sweet Farm!

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